5 Celebrities Who Committed Suicide Because of Depression

It has become quite apparent that celebrity and depression go hand in hand. From the infamous ’27 club’ to the recent uptick in celebrity suicides, it seems to be endemic especially in the entertainment industry. It may be hard to believe, but those who frequent the limelight often suffer from a multitude of insecurities. Cyberbullying, harassment, feelings of inadequacy, substance abuse and emotional trauma are just a sliver from the plethora of issues that they may be facing.

It is a common misconception that depression and suicide are notions limited to the West. In recent years, there has been a surge of cases of depression and suicide in the entertainment industries of the subcontinent as well. Let’s take a look at some of these lives that were cut short by depression in recent years.

Chris Cornell

The Soundgarden and Audioslave frontman was adored by millions worldwide. However, despite his fame and fortune, Chris battled depression for much of his adult life. He was found dead as a result of hanging in his Detroit hotel room an hour after his Soundgarden concert on May 18th 2017. He was 52 years old and is survived by his wife and 3 children.

Chester Bennington

The vocal mastermind of Linkin Park, Chester Bennington suffered from both physical ailments and psychological trauma for much of his life in the celebrity limelight. It is rumoured that suicide of his close friend and confidante Chris Cornell could have played a pivotal role in his decision to end his own life, as Chester hung himself on what would have been Chris’ 53rd birthday, on July 20th 2017. Chester is survived by his wife and 6 children.

Anthony Bourdain

A world-renowned chef by profession, but also a famous television personality with shows such as “Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown”. He was also a proponent of the #MeToo movement, speaking heavily about the sexual harassment epidemic in the television and restaurant industry. Anthony suffered from depression and took his own life by hanging in his hotel room in Kaysersberg, France.

Jiah Khan

Jiah Khan was a British American actress of Indian origin who rose to stardom in Bollywood, starring alongside some of the most prominent figures of Indian cinema, such as Amitabh Bachan and Aamir Khan. Jiah hung herself from a ceiling fan on June 3rd 2013, and left a 6 page suicide note highlighting her battle with depression and the pressures of the international limelight.

Anam Tanoli


An up-and-coming model in the Pakistani fashion scene, Anam Tanoli was reportedly battling severe depression upon her return from Italy two months ago. It is speculated that the depression stemmed from professional pressures and social media scrutiny. She hung herself in her upscale Lahore residence in Defence on September 1st 2018.


Unlike countries in the West, Pakistan is in dire need of a robust depression and suicide prevention infrastructure. Mental illness is still quite a taboo subject in the subcontinent, as it is mostly considered to be a non-issue. The religious fundamentalist has also convoluted the interpretation of mental illness, not allowing it the same urgency of care or legitimacy as other more physical ailments.