5 Dirty Secrets Fast Food Chains Don't Want You To Know

Sadly, we all have become too dependent on restaurants because of our busy schedules and laziness. We all think it is healthy food but sadly many restaurants have some secrets they don’t want us to know.

What are they? Let’s expose the scary secrets of restaurants and fast food hubs.

  1. Deceptive Drink Glass Sizes

Say you want a regular drink you'll often be given that the largest option because if you don't exactly specify that you with a small-medium or large you'll be given the largest one this is so they can charge you the maximum amount making them way more money.

So be sure to always say medium instead of regular to avoid this try and save a ton of money.

  1.   Fake Grills

All those sandwiches and burgers with grilled meat are a lie. There isn't some artisan chef in the back. Know those patties are only cooked for about 20 seconds. So how are their grill marks and a smoky aroma to your burgers? Well, it's all 100% fake; they're prepared in advance in huge food factories and then shipped out to fast-food restaurants. That is how they're cooked in only about 20 seconds without giving you food poisoning. But what about that great smoky aroma you get from burgers? Well, this is yet another illusion they simply add an artificial smoky aroma to your meat.

  1. The Mystery Music

Maybe you've never realized it before but if you go its night time it's often playing the music usually only plays late at night and turns off or goes back to regular music in the morning. It is a strategy to calm down the drunken people who come to restaurants to avoid post alcoholic effects and hangovers. It is not in every restaurant but many ones located in cities or places with a busy nightlife so listen to ouch.

  1. Drinks Contaminated With Shit

The drinks we consume from soda fountains probably contain some fecal matter. Thanks to the staff of restaurants who operate these fountains without washing their hands after taking a shit in washroom. The restaurant managers are not cleaning their nozzles on a daily basis as they should be. Maybe stick to a bottle instead of grabbing your soda from a soda fountain at a fast-food joint unless you want to risk having poop in your soda.

  1.  The Unhealthy Healthy Salads

Fast food places use a ton of additives to try and make their salad taste as good as their succulent burger and fries. But if you've ever tasted how bland salad is you know this can be hard so all of these additives which make the salad taste sweeter and better it also makes the calories very high. In many cases, salads have more calories than a small burger thanks to all the additives meaning it would be healthier to eat a burger than a salad.