7 Things No Woman Should Wear And Be Unapologetic About It - Women Azadi Special

72 years of independence and here we stand today. Women today have successfully made their presence in all walks of life. We, women, have stepped beyond the limitations set by our society by being writers, politicians, lawyers, actors, poets, pioneers, philosophers and whatnot. But our creativity, imagination, decisions, even our bodies are owned by the most important men in our life, our fathers, brother, lover or husband. We have come a long way but there is so much more to be done. Women too, like men, have the right to choose what kind of life they want to make, lead and live. If you think you have had enough of the chauvinist mindset and that it’s time for you to shine like a star, you need to make your game strong. Colours of independence are the only colours you need to fill your wardrobe with. Throw away the shades of fear, oh wait, you can’t even give those to the Good Will. Stop passing down the hand-me-downs of mental slavery to your sisters, daughters and nieces. Truly own the overrated, overindulged, over-bloody-burdened title of an independent woman. Be a woman who puts her gender on her head like a crown. Start with wearing a dress you have always wanted to but didn’t, wear black nails or just throw away the scarf if it’s not truly your own choice. So, ladies, there are 7 things there is no room for in this room. Don’t wear the pressure of looking perfect all the time. Find out who you’re and do it on purpose. Don’t be a person copying all those silicon Barbie dolls, carved and synthetically improved. The 32-28-32 is not a requirement to be a complete perfect woman; if you’re a woman who loves her body, shut those people out who tell you to gain some weight, apply creams to look fairer or cut on the carbs. Don’t wear the pressure of getting married. If you like colours of independence, singlehood and power, if you like layering yourself with ambition, if you want to wait for the right cut that suits you, don’t wear the pressure of marriage. You choose who he is and when it’s time. Don’t wear the stress of hiding your sexuality. Buy the laciest of the laciest lingerie for the many romantic nights to come. Release the oxytocin, embrace your needs and sexuality and don’t fear to feel what you feel being a woman (that is something we are born with, be ashamed for it, why? Like duh!) Don’t wear the fear of indulging in vanity. If you are a woman who believes that age is just a number (which it is), wear a magenta outfit with orange lipstick, wear heels, you know, just casually. But don’t wear the fear of indulging in vanity because of girls! Camouflaging is so boring. Ageing is not “lost youth” but a new stage of opportunity and strength. Don’t wear the guilt of not having any maternal instincts. If you are a woman who is unapologetic about what you want for yourself, if you are someone who feels like having children is like wearing a corset beach bodycon dress that enhances your image but feels claustrophobic, don’t wear the guilt of having any children and no maternal instincts. Don’t wear the habit of pleasing everyone. (You’re not biryani) Stop wearing the habit of pleasing everyone like you stopped wearing underarm length shoulder bags gazillion years ago. You’re a normal person, not a people-pleasing machine. Don’t wear the load of keeping others first. Me first is the only carb you need to load on to. So basically your outfit of the day is your mind and that comes in only one size-XX ME. Find out who you’re and do it on purpose UNAPOLOGETICALLY. Be the independent woman you crave to be, who you are waiting for. Be proud of yourself for being different. Now you know what your wardrobe has been missing all along.