90% Of Plastic In Ocean Comes From Just 10 Rivers

90% Of Plastic In Ocean Comes From Just 10 Rivers in which 8 Rivers are in Asia and 2 of them are in Africa.

1. The Yangtze:

It is Asia's longest river and home to almost 500 million people.

Yangtze River


Yangtze River China


2. The Indus:

It flows through India, China and Pakistan.

Indus River


3. The Yellow River:

It is called yellow river because of the yellow sediment it carries. 

Yellow River


Yellow River 2


4. The Hai:

The acceleration of economic development has increased it's pollution.

Ben hai river


5. The Nile:

Nile river is the longest river in the world which is running out of the water right now.

Nile River


Nile pollution

6. The Ganges:

The Ganges is considered as the holiest of India's rivers

Nile River Pollution


7. The Pearl River:

The river delta is the world's largest urban area.

The pearl river

8. Amur - Heilong River:

Flows through a region that supports an amazingly varied wildlife.



9. The Niger River:

Frequent oil spills in the region contaminate the river.

Niger river


10. The Mekong River:

The majority of the people who live along the river are rice grower.

The mekong

More than 8 million tons of plastic end up in the ocean every year and by 2050 there could be more plastic in the ocean than fish. Waste management needs to be improved and everyone needs to know that unhealthy rivers mean unhealthy oceans.