• How To Make Sure Satan Remains Chained Even After Ramadan?

    It is said that it takes 21 days to build or break a habit. We are blessed with a month of perfection in which we can build the best habits and quit the bad ones. We all chain Satan by restraining from the evil deeds in the holy month of Ramzan. But what about the next months to come when Ramzan passes? Will Satan redeem its power after Ramzan; will we let him take over? No no no! There is only one right answer to this question- we shan’t so we won’t.
  • Ramzan and the Self-contradictory Practices on Social Media

    Ramzan holds an important place in our hearts and it is celebrated as the second most prominent religious celebrations for Muslims. Fasting in Ramzan is not about restraining from food and water only but it is more about being kind, being patient, being moderate in our actions, food and spending.  Every hunger is to be curbed and every bad habit to quit in Ramzan. I see many people contradicting their words and actions. There are many things going wrong is Ramzan, for instance banning eating in many public shows people don’t really have a very strong faith and patience that comes with Ramzan and prices of all items surging high while the so-called Islamic state should ensure prices are controlled so every Muslim can do Iftar and Sehri as they should.
  • Toyota Recalls 2016-2018 Hybrid Vehicles Worldwide

    The issue is purported to be due to errors in the assembly process within the plants in Japan. Experts are claiming that wires which run through to the hybrid power-control unit, which is an essential part of the overall Hybrid Synergy Drive, are prone to wear and tear which could potentially lead to an engine fire.
  • Asad Umar's Plan to Energize The Power Sector

    For many of Pakistan’s 207 million inhabitants, electricity is a near-luxury commodity to have around the clock. This is especially true for rural areas, where there are power shortages for up to 18 hours a day. The situation in Pakistan is dire, and with the economic conditions of Pakistan as they are, there seems to be no remedy in sight.
  • Pentagon Cancels $300m 'Coalition Support Funds' to Pakistan, citing 'lack of decisive action'

    The US government has decided to cut it’s $300 million ‘Coalition Support Funds’ aid package to Pakistan. The reason for the discontinuation of the aid is cited as “lack of action” and “lies and deceit” on the part of the Pakistani government to target terrorist safe havens and stop insurgency in Pakistan and on the border with Afghanistan.
  • 5 Celebrities Who Committed Suicide Because of Depression

    It is a common misconception that depression and suicide are notions limited to the West. In recent years, there has been a surge of cases of depression and suicide in the entertainment industries of the subcontinent as well. Let’s take a look at some of these lives that were cut short by depression in recent years.