Does Census Make an Impact on Elections?

Hello everyone! My name is Zeeshan Hameed. Let’s ask the citizens about the impacts of Census in Election 2018. I have Andeel Ali with me. Hello Andeel! Please tell us about the impact.

Andeel: It is very important that we arrange census in our country every 10 years but unfortunately, it didn’t happen in Pakistan for past couple of years. The good thing is that it finally happened in last year. There had been a lot of questions raised on a census, which was alarming. The argument was that in some areas of the country they showed less population. The arguments and questions were raised by political parties because they were afraid that their seats will be minimized in Federal Government.  Which will affect the Senate seats as well. Basically, the census affected power and the division of NFC.

Zeeshan: Thank you Andeel Ali! As Andeel said citizen is aware that the census should happen. Let’s see if census will have an impact on elections or not.