Every Girl’s Checklist For This Eid

The clock is ticking, more sunsets are concluding the last days of Ramzan and women are busy doing the last few rounds of shopping which continues till the date mostly. We, women, are complex creatures, they call us shopaholic, we call ourselves perfectionists. We try to make the thing as perfect and complete as they ought to be, as they deserve to be. And Eid is such a huge religious celebration that it deserves to be celebrated with zeal and we also deserve some pampering after a month of fasting. Shopping for us is self-pampering and a way to release stress.

No girl wants to spend the Eid boringly, it is a festive thing and women need few festive articles on her Eid. Every girl’s checklist is different but there are few things which every type of girl wants on her Eid.

Check this list to make sure you didn’t miss anything pretty women. Men you need to see this too because you don’t want the special women in your life, your mother, sister, wife to feel incomplete so get her what she has totally forgotten to buy yet and surprise her.

  1. The Dream Dress

Finding the perfect dress for Eid is like a war, you can’t lose it. Khaadi, Ivy Prints, Tena Durrani, Alkaram, Maria B, Sapphire, So Kamal, Lime Light, Kayseria are some of the favourites of most girls. There are no second thoughts if you have to get a new dress or not, it is a ritual that can’t be broken, everybody needs a new Eid dress.

  1. The Perfectly Matching Shoes

Festive Khusse, elegant heels, colourful Kolapuri, comfortable slip-on, no matter what style you choose they have to go with your dress. A perfect pair of shoes complement the Eid outfit.

  1. The Chiming Colorful Bangles

These are very feminine and are associated with happy occasions. Even those girls who really are not into jewellery wear bangles to complete the Eid look. I didn’t wear bangles my whole life but I bought mine for this Eid, what about you?

  1. Traditional Jhumke

Is there anything prettier than a traditional pair of jhumkas uplifting the whole look of girls? Jewellery is a way of expressing yourself and a festive pair of jhumkas will express your zest through their chimes and charm.

  1. Henna- The aroma of which completes Eid

Henna or Mehendi is also associated with Eid and it is a heritage that has been passed to us by older women. This is something we hold dear to our hearts. Applying henna is a way to remind ourselves of our soft feminine sides and also the smell of henna on your hands does the final finishing of your Eid look.