This Guy Is Going To Sue Uber Because Driver Misbehaved With His Sister

Hamid Sarfraz wrote on his social media, explaining the incident that: "I want Uber Pakistan to offer a formal apology in the next 30 days or I am suing them in the Consumer Court of Pakistan.

The incident happened today at around 2:45PM, when my brother hailed an uber ride for my sister. It was a White Wagon R which had to pick her up, the driver's name was Shahid. The uber driver accepted the ride and was supposed to pick her up from Subway in Askari X and drop her off at her desired destination.
He arrived, fashionably late, as all Uber drivers r these days, to make sure they can get more money out of u, and when my sister sat in the car, he said I can't take u there and I am going to call u another ride. My sister sat in the car for 10 mins and didn't utter a word. She is a gem of a person and wouldn't even hurt a fly. After a while, he said that I am cancelling ur ride and u can order a new one. To which, my sister replied, "Bhai, why did u accept the ride in the first place if u were not going to go to the said destination?"
Notice the reply of that degenerate, "Main tumharay baap ka noukar nahi laga hua jo aisay sawalo ka jawab doon, Niklo meri gaari say bahir." ("I ain't ur dad's household help, get the hell out of my car").
What the hell is this? How can Uber call itself a "Service" when their drivers don't know how to serve a customer? Is this any way to behave to a lady, let alone a customer? Don't u guys have any respect or morals? Can't a customer even ask a question in a respectable manner?
My sister got out of the car and went in the subway and sat there for 10 mins and wept. I promise u Uber, if I find that guy, I am gonna punch him in the face and I am gonna sue ur organization for this unacceptable behavior and raise this issue on all platforms. I am a Global Goodwill Ambassador and do have that kind of Moral Authority.
I am giving u 30 days to offer a formal apology on behalf of that driver and take appropriate action against him for this disgraceful behavior, because this is not the first time ur drivers have behaved like this with a lady I know."


Ban uber

There had been many reports about Uber in the past 3-6 months, they should improve their service and work on training their drivers. This behavior is utterly shameful. It can happen to anyone of us.