How To Make Sure Satan Remains Chained Even After Ramadan?

It is said that it takes 21 days to build or break a habit. We are blessed with a month of perfection in which we can build the best habits and quit the bad ones. We all chain Satan by restraining from the evil deeds in the holy month of Ramzan. But what about the next months to come when Ramzan passes? Will Satan redeem its power after Ramzan; will we let him take over? No no no! There is only one right answer to this question- we shan’t so we won’t.

I think 30 days are more than enough to adopt some good things this month is all about- patience, generosity, restrain from evil, giving, sharing, caring, spending less and many things that take us one step closer to perfection as a Muslim and as a human being. Ramzan serves a bigger purpose than just making people straight for one month only, it was aimed to rectify all our mistakes, to be a moment of realization. People let’s talk about the things we should carry with us forward from Ramzan to handcuff Satan forever and then Ramzan will serve it purposefully.

  1. Patience

Wait for your turn in queues, while your food is being served, while Allah has put you under any sort of test; wait just like you have waited for Azan to do Iftar for 30 days.

  1. Giving, Charity

Never say never. Make giving a habit, do charity, old homes, orphanages there are so many people out there who are waiting for a small act of kindness from us. Please do charity and restrain from announcing it everywhere, do it to satisfy your own conscience.  

  1. Discipline

Ramzan reminds us that our everyday life has to be under a schedule. Even the worldly tasks of eating and drinking have to be done on time. Anything planned is better than things done under our will. We all should condemn the so-called cool things about “I did it because- because why not”; come on people everything has a purpose.

  1. Strengthening of faith, connecting with Allah

Sitting on the prayer mat for prayer is a moment when you try to connect with Allah, you ask for things, you praise Him, and you converse with Him. This not only strengthens your and with Allah but make you feel He is always with you no matter what. Constant touch, performing prayers daily will make you feel connected.

  1. Refraining from evil

Quit every bad habit or act that you quit in the holy month of Ramzan for the sake of Allah. Quit smoking, drugs, drinking, haram sexual activities, haram earning, using foul language, back biting, stealing and everything that is generally considered a bad habit.