IT Minister Banned Momo and Blue Whale Challenges in Pakistan

The games that have taken lives of so many people all over the world have been banned in Pakistan by the IT Minister for Information Technology and Telecommunication Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui.

"These games don’t have any place in Pakistan as they are destroying the youth." he said.

Parents were worried about their kids from quite sometimes because if these notorious games. These games are addictive for the younger and social-media-loving generation.

The affected youngsters do anything to complete their challenges that are assigned in the games and they don't think about the outcomes if it's committing a suicide. 

The IT Minister further asserted that using, sharing or developing such suicidal games will be booked as a criminal offense under the Cyber Crimes Act and that a law will be passed to ensure the safety of our youth.

The issue was brought to the limelight following suicidal deaths in different countries while playing the WhatsApp-based Momo challenge. Last year, Blue Whale Challenge killed a number of people across the world and following the media reports, Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) was tasked with spreading awareness about the perilous matter.

The two games, addictive to say the least, have been targeting the teens. The Momo Challange has sparked fear among the parents across the planet and Pakistanis need to keep an eye on the young ones and check for any change in behavior; talk with the kids and advise them to stay away from such challenges.


Via Tribune