Jahangir Tareen Memes is The Best Thing That Came Out of Elections 2018!

Elections 2018 have ended, results have come out, and everyone is taking part in the race of forming their government. Since things are complicated between PMLN in PTI to form a government in Punjab, Jahangir Tareen is the main man out there to fight for Independent candidates. He has brought most of the independent candidates into the party and things are looking tough for PMLN. Jahangir Tareen is the most highlighted person on Pakistani internet today and everyone is talking about him. We have brought you the collection of best memes from the internet about Jahangir Tareen. Have a look!
JKT meme 1

Well, she said... "independent".

JKT meme 2

Khan sb, ap azaad umeedwar toh nai?


Jahangir Tareen bhai, saary ly aahy ho tussi?

JKT meme 3

Digi mai bhar k ly aahy?

JKT meme 4

Haye Maryam baji, ab kya ho ga?

JKT meme 5

Ab zameen k andar sy bhi independent candidate nikaalein gy Jahangir bhai?

JKT meme 6

Jahangir Tareen is the new Bryan Mills!

JKT meme 7

Jahangir Tareen to Imran Khan is like Circuit is to Munna Bhai.

JKT meme 8

Hello JKT, are you on Mars?

JKT meme 9

Oh please, let this guy alone for some time. Isko bhi nai chora.

JKT meme 10

Jahangir Tareen bhai jet mai umeedwar bhar bhar k laaty hen!

Let's see how much Jahangir are going push PMLN with his magic and form a government is Punjab.