Lose Weight, Don’t Lose Your Mind

Top 10 Ways To Lose Those Extra Kilograms Put on In Ramzan In Less Than A Month

Do you look down at your swollen belly and regret never missing those delicious fritters in the Iftar? Do you notice the double chin and put the blame on your guilty pleasure of sipping on 2/3 glasses of Rooh e Afzah or Jam e Shirin whichever your favourite Ramzan sharbat had been? Well don’t, Ramzan is all about patience and piety but also about fritters, Samosas, Chat, Dahi Bare, Biryani, Jam e Shirin and fruity salads. This month is incomplete without any of those delicious regional delicacies. Have you also put on weight instead of losing some during Ramzan? Well, you don’t need to panic about this because we bring to you some really amazing tips that work for fast and long-lasting results. Here are some things I adopted to lose the extra 4 kilograms I gained in Ramzan and started noticing results in the first three days. 

  1. Drink your Water

You need 16 glasses of water a day if you really want your fat to burn. Try to complete this target before 7 p.m. 

  1. Eliminate salt from your diet

Salt actually makes you fat that is why animals are fed on some salt to sell them for butchering. Minimize the salt intake if you can’t totally remove it from your diet. 

  1. Never skip your breakfast

A full healthy breakfast is the key to keep you energetic for the long day and stop you from un-healthy before lunch snacking. 

  1. Eat your carbs in the lunch

Our body crabs for carbs, try to complete your carbs intake in your lunch so you can have a very light dinner. 

  1. Break your sweat

If you want it, you need to break some sweat. Good diet is most important but exercise speeds up the process of burning all that fat.

  1. Avoid certain types of food for a month

Avoid sugar, chocolates, candies, biscuits, mangoes, bananas, ice cream. These foods are filled with sugars and high calories skipping them for a month can really make you healthier and less fat.

  1. Walk for half an hour

If you can’t exercise take a daily stroll. Make it a habit. The best way to lose weight is running, you can always switch between walking, jogging and running.

  1. Go light on the dinner

Have a chickpea salad, a vegetable salad, and any boiled vegetables in the dinner. Avoid carbs in dinner so you are light when you go to bed so no food is converted into body fat.

  1. Avoid the healthy-looking unhealthy food

All the packed juices, so-called organic chocolates, butter, biscuits are sold with the tag of healthy whole grain foods but are actually filled with preservatives, sugars and lots of calories. Avoid the junk to snack on.

  1. Healthy snacking

Snack on the very good nutritious food items. Best snacks during a diet are apples, pomegranate and watermelons. You can also snack on non-salted pistachios and other nuts. These contain a lot of fibre and actually strengthen your digestive system and supports easy bowl moment.