Novel Review-Jannat ke Pattey

Saima ikhlaq

Novel Name: Jannat ke Pattey
Category:  Social Romantic Novel
Theme: Spirituality, Patriotic, Reformatory, Love
Writer: Nimra Ahmed
Publishing year:1st part May 2013 2nd part April 2014

Ø  Main Theme:
The main theme of this novel moves around two important characters “Haya” and “Jehan”.One side of the story revolves around the topic of “Hijaab” and how one verse of Quran could change her life forever.The transformation of a modern girl (Haya) to a Hijaabi girl was the main essence of this novel.The other side of the story depicts the life of spy guy Jehan and his patriotic approach for his country.
Ø  Character review:
Nimra Ahmed used many characters in this novel which is a bit confusing for reader however she connected them together at the end of the story successfully.
Ø  Haya Suleiman:
Mr. Suleiman has two children, Haya and Rohail.Rohail has been studied in U.S and  Haya has been selected for a scholarship from the European Union to study in Turkey but she went turkey for other reason that reason was his soul mate “Jehan Sikander” .she was tight with the bonding of Nikkah with Jehan from her childhood. Haya is bold, confident, adventures and intelligent girl who passes through the unexpected condition of life. With this character, the writer develops the whole story where she struggled and acknowledged tha hardship of life and finally succeeded.
Ø  Jehan Sikander :
Jehan Sikander, the heartthrob of the novel “Jannat ke Pattey “.I think the writer wanted readers to love Jehan so his character was knitted from the very start to be likable. The reason behind this is his charming, cool and alluring nature. He was playing role of Major Ahmed, dolly, Pasha and of course Jehan Sikander which was a secret essence of the story. He understood Quran very deeply and this was shown very beautifully by Nimra Ahmed in the Tafseer of Surah Al-Falq. The early period of his life and his concept of “marra’h Jameela “مرة جميلة (very beautiful) was well written. He was a spy and the torture cell part showed his intelligent mind. He loved his country and was serving him in a best way possible. The way he helped Haya was out of this world and a bit filmy at times. He didn’t like Haya because she didn’t fulfill of Jehan demands but later on he admires her. The restaurant part was not impressive at all. It made it look like a big drama and his friendship with Hammad (pinky) was very sweet.
Ø  Khadija Rana(DJ)
Khadija rana (DJ)was going along with haya on the scholarship in Turkey. With this character, the writer show the beautiful friendship between Haya and DJ she was open-hearted and life living girl but her sudden death bring an unexpected turn in Haya ‘s life and depict the reality of life.
Ø  Other Character:
All other supporting character were beautifully written. Haya’s cousin Erum and Waleed have negative role but in Turkey Halay was  positive character added.Ayeshae Gull and Baharay were my favourite characters as they helped Haya to understand and to direct her life according to the teachings of Islam.
Ø  Beautiful Location:
The Amazing and Magnificent portrayal of Turkey would actually make you add this country to your tourism list.  The Bosphorus bridge, Taksim square, Jawahir mall and all the beauty of Turkey nicely presented. Credit goes to  Nimra Ahmed for this pleasing introduction.
Ø  Script line:
One of the most powerful scripted novel which make it special among others. the quote in the first part had me glued...
"If someone offers you the "Warq-ul-Jannah" make no mistake and immediately jump on that offer"
Once you started this novel you cannot leave it unfinished because of its catchy and inspiring lines. “Cheezain waqti hoti hain, toot jaati hain bikhar jaati hain,rawaye dayimi hote hain apna asar chor jaate hain”



Ø  Concluding Lesson
time heals every sorrow.
Care & Concern are expressions of love.
Reference of Quran ayat
Description of Turkey and it's places
Element of suspense is what keeps you motivated to read this

Ø  Recommendation:

This novel is highly recommended to all the girls who want to bring positive change in their lives the story is much better than other cheap novel story which are filled with filthy romance and obscenity. This novel is a mixture of religion, love, mystery, sacrifice, bravery, tourism and all that you want. From the beginning till the very end, the writer kept that pleasure and excitement which is speechless.

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