Pentagon Cancels $300m 'Coalition Support Funds' to Pakistan, citing 'lack of decisive action'

In what is being lauded as a victory by the everyday Pakistani, and marketed as a tremendous blow to the Pakistani economy by the international media, the US government has decided to cut it’s $300 million ‘Coalition Support Funds’ aid package to Pakistan. The reason for the discontinuation of the aid is cited as “lack of action” and “lies and deceit” on the part of the Pakistani government to target terrorist safe havens and stop insurgency in Pakistan and on the border with Afghanistan.

The decision comes a few weeks after the Pakistani general elections, which saw PTI chairman Imran Khan taking the helm after an arduous 22-year political struggle. Imran Khan has been a vocal opponent of foreign aid in exchange for Pakistani military intervention against terrorism since Musharraf’s rule, citing the loss of Pakistani lives, abuse of Pakistani resources and invasion of Pakistani sovereignty as the true cost of the on-going war against ‘the West’s war on terrorism’.

According to statistics, terror attacks have actually reduced drastically over the past four years, with 2014 being the deadliest and 2018 being the safest thus far. This is due in part to the successes of the Zarb-e-Azab land and air operations conducted against Taliban strongholds and splinter groups across Pakistan’s border with Afghanistan.

There is further speculation that the reduction in American sanctioned drone strikes against insurgents in Pakistan and Afghanistan has reduced levels of radicalization amongst the respective indigenous populations, but only time will tell if extremism has truly been rooted out.