PIA Tanks World Aviation Ranking Yet Again

PIA has a storied and illustrious history as a pinnacle of commercial aviation. From its early days as Orient Airways, to its glory days throughout the late 20th century, PIA was consistently lauded as one of the best commercial airlines the world over. Such is not the case in recent decades, however. Due to budget cuts, criminal negligence and corruption on every level up the administrative hierarchy, Pakistan International Airlines is not even regarded as a shadow of its formal self in present day.

According to the 5th annual commercial aviation rankings compiled by AirHelp on the merits of timeliness, quality and customer service, PIA ranks in at the third worst amongst a lot of 72, placing it squarely on the 70th spot.



This ranking is reflected in the attitudes of everyday Pakistanis, who condemn the soaring domestic prices and untimely service that has plagued the national flag carrier for over 2 decades.

PIA has been slated to be privatized since 2016, in hopes boosting fiscal returns and bolstering viability, but there have been no developments in that regard as yet.