A Symbol of Triumph - Ahmed Nawaz

During the peak of the Zarb e Azab operation against insurgency in Pakistan, unbeknownst to the families of those on the frontlines, a dastardly retaliation to the moral heart and fibre of the armed forces was being concocted by the enemy.

After the APS attack had been carried out, 149 students and staff had lost their lives in the onslaught. Noticeboards that once housed a cornucopia of school art projects now showcased the spectrum of carnage inflicted by the various calibre bullets used by the 7 insurgents in the attack. The auditorium that once bore witness to the splendour of song recitals now fell silent, paying homage to the little bodies that lay on its floor.

Indeed, 16 December 2014 was a particularly dark day for a country that has seen its fair share since its conception.

But, as is the doctrine of life, from such devastation emerges strength and resilience. From the ashes of travesty, is sired the phoenix of triumph. Ahmed Nawaz was one of many phoenixes that emerged that day; a beacon of hope that personified the very moniker of this nation – “Unity, Faith and Discipline”.

Ahmad Nawaz has recently received his O-level results; 6A*’s and 2A’s.


His achievement has become this nation’s pride and many have made sure he knows it, including DG ISPR Major General Asif Ghafoor.