Is There a Dawn?


Yemen known historically as "The Happy Yemen” has now become the most miserable country in the world. The beautiful smile of this country got shaded 3 years back when it was dragged into the darkness of war. United Nations calls it "The worst man-made humanitarian crisis of our time."

Today, this land is no longer the same to the youngsters like us who see no future to look forward to. Getting education has become a dream to wish upon as 12 universities have been completely destroyed, 25 others partially destroyed and hundreds of university lecturers just fled the country. This war has deprived 300,000 university students of their education most of them are finding odd jobs and some of them have even committed suicides.


Yemen- Sana'a


All of a sudden we found ourselves struggling to fulfil our basic needs such as getting food, medicine, clean water, electricity, fuel and shelter but it didn’t end there. In 2016 employees were cut-off of their salaries and many lost their jobs. Yet surprisingly teachers, doctors, police and other heroes despite the cruel situation kept working for the sake of a better tomorrow without getting the salary that fed their families’ hunger. Taking in mind the facts, 21.2 million people are in need of humanitarian assistance including about 10 million children, out of them 8 million of whom are food insecure according to UN.

This situation kept getting worse and worse. People and children, if the airstrikes didn’t kill them the hunger did. We couldn’t just sit and watch number of initiatives being taken to help in bringing a slight change or should I say, to bring a peek of hope for survival.

Many of us didn’t need to be part of an agency or affiliates to do something about it we just couldn’t stand still and that’s how volunteering work started to bloom in Sana’a and other cities running various campaigns.

Now there are campaigns of distributing food kits that contain (wheat, oil, sugar and rice) basic necessities, placing fridges by the walkways where clean food can be donated and taken. The youth also worked on convincing shopkeepers, bread bakeries and restaurants to give free food for the ones who couldn’t afford it.  Another campaign was run to request house owners to lease houses to families who are living on rent and have nowhere to go to stay without paying any leasing charges.

Besides food people are living in the absence of light and electricity, another campaign worked hard on collecting money and distributing solar power panels to families that cannot afford it. Sadly we have a slim role to end this conflict we couldn’t light up our present and God knows about the future but we did light up our houses and others for now.

We live now as if there is no escape of the pain and struggle in this land. Many of us have left the country and I wonder how long it will take until everyone does! As H.G. Well quoted ‘’If we don’t end war, it will end us’’ leaving me with 3 questions here, can we call Yemen ‘’ The Happy Yemen’’ ever again? Is this war ever going to end? If this war is not ending, when will it end us?

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