There Should be a Chapter on Elections!

Casting vote is a national responsibility. Most People do it enthusiastically but there are many who cast their vote either because they watch many others doing so on the Election Day or on the demand of political workers of various parties. There are many citizens who do not know the real value and importance of their vote. Sometimes a voter is not well aware how to cast it. The political workers of different parties sometimes guide people but of course in favour of their own parties.

The ECP may extend its national responsibility to ensure a Free, Fair and Impartial election by increasing awareness among the masses. This awareness may be increased by a slight addition in the curricula of the universities.

In our country all the citizens who are at least 18 years old and have a valid Nation Identity Card are eligible of casting a vote during the Elections. At the age of 18, most of the youngsters are university students at the level of BA/BSc/BS. Along with several optional subjects; each student at graduate level (in all the universities of Pakistan) is required to qualify the compulsory course of Pakistan Studies. The syllabus of Pakistan Studies consists of a brief history of the creation of Pakistan, Developments in the Constitution, its Culture, Languages, and its Foreign Policy.

Through this blog I want to request the ECP and the HEC that a chapter on Elections, if included in the Syllabus of Pakistan Studies can be of great value. The suggested chapter may touch following topics:

  1. Introduction to the Electoral Processes
  2. Importance of Vote
  3. Role of Voters in the National Development
  4. How to Cast a Vote

In Pakistan, each year, millions of the students are enrolled in the universities. According to the website of HEC in 2014-15 the total number of students enrolled in the universities was 1295178. (

If the ECP and the HEC arrange the addition of this chapter in the syllabi of the universities, each year, millions of the citizens would add up to the trained voters. By the next election in 2023, it is expected that there would be more than 5 million new graduates. Having studied, the importance of vote and the process of voting as a part of their compulsory course, these graduates would be more responsible voters. This number would be multiplied if each trained graduate is supposed to transfers his/her knowledge to the other members of his/her family.

As compared to 2013, the number of voters has increase about 20% in 2018 and they are mostly the young voters. By 2023 round about same number of voters would be added again. If the Government agrees to accept this suggestion millions of trained voters will add up to the list of the voters and it will be a great service on the part of the ECP and the HEC.

Education is the final solution to most of our problems. The addition of a chapter on Election, in the curricula will not only enhance the public awareness regarding our political system and our responsibility as the voters but it will also diminish the chances of errors in the process of vote-casting, therefore, I am convinced that there should be a chapter on Elections in the compulsory course of Pakistan Studies.