Top 5 Charts Of General Elections 2018

In the hyped political days, politicians emerge desperately with their hip hoped songs, representing the moto of their political party. The beat that swells the crowd has become a necessary part of the political campaign. So, in the light of the current of scenario, we are not only going to face the heat of the weather but the hotness of the latest songs by political parties. Before digging into the top charts, this rating has not relevance with any political affiliation with any of the active parties. Let’s dig in.


5. “Hai Muhajir Ki Jaan, MQM Pakistan”

The connection of London and Pakistan with music, two nations, and one music. The contemporary song to warm up the crowd, injecting the dramatic effect into the public.


4. “Dila Teer Bija” by PPP

The universal tune that helps you attach every kind of song you like. May it be a romantic song, hip-hop, classic or rape. A good beat that uplifts your feeling to dance and energizes your feel for the elections. What a magnificent piece of art.


3. “Rok Sako Tou Rok Lo” by PTI.

Enable all the feels that makes you enter in a guest starring of a rap show. Hit the play button and that’s all you will be thinking about it for next few hours. Cringe with us and get crazy.


2. “Mian Day Naray” by PMLN

The most hit beat of the time, rhyming with the old popular song “Jugni”, murdering all the way through makes it number 2. The tone that is obsessing the masses, allowing them to manage a space to dance and cut loose.


1. “Dekho Dekho Kon Aya, Fazl Ur Rehman Aya” by Jamaat – e – Islami

When you try to make a song but you are so addicted to Nasheed’s, that this ear-gasmic track turns out to result. A total appeal for the rest of the DJs and makes itself nearly impossible to listen.