Top 5 Mobile Video Editing and Sharing Applications

Top 5 Mobile Video Editing and Sharing Applications

After the boom of the social media age, we find ourselves in constant need of information. Our insatiable thirst for more and more information has resulted in an exponential increase in the audio/visual mediums taking hold. With the ever-increasing ubiquity of mobile Information Technology, there is a real need for applications that concatenate all relevant technologies required to get the word out, whatever the ‘word’ may be.

The following is a list of 5 applications for mobile platforms that are geared towards mobile and easy content creation.

Adobe Spark Video


A video storytelling app for iOS, which combines Adobe’s signature motion graphics with audio recording, music, text and photos. A very good app to produce short animated videos on the go.




A video editing platform for both Android and iOS, this app can be used to make slideshows and contains a plethora of effects and transitions for content creators to choose from.



Minute Story


A video editing and sharing app at heart, Minute Story has an engaging interface and easy to comprehend tools based completely on the idea of on-the-go mobile editing.



Adobe Premiere Clip


Another product of Adobe systems, Premiere Clip is the official mobile version of the infamous Premiere Pro platform, supporting all of the functionality of its predecessor but in a ‘lite’ manner.





This app is a fully-featured video editor for those users who would prefer a more professional package in a mobile platform, incorporating LUT color filters, 3D transitions, multi-track audio and much more.