Toyota Recalls 2016-2018 Hybrid Vehicles Worldwide

Toyota Motor Corp has decided to recall over a million Prius and C-HR models globally, citing an issue in the electricity systems of the 2016-2018 hybrid production models which make them susceptible to catching fire.

C-HR 2016
Toyota C-HR 2016

The issue is purported to be due to errors in the assembly process within the plants in Japan. Experts are claiming that wires which run through to the hybrid power-control unit, which is an essential part of the overall Hybrid Synergy Drive, are prone to wear and tear which could potentially lead to an engine fire.

The bulk of the recalls are endemic to mainland Japan, which should especially be a cause for concern for Pakistani motorists, as the majority of Japanese cars that make it onto Pakistani roads have a propensity to be defective and refurbished. There might already be 2016 Prius and C-HR models out there with unverifiable wiring issues which warrant recalls according to Toyota’s quality assurance standards, but with no way to send them back for inspections or repairs

Pakistani buyers looking to import or purchase the aforementioned models should exercise caution.

Prius 2016
Toyota Prius 2016