"VOTING TIPs" for Election 2018

Pakistan is still alien to elections, its all about idol worship, false allegations, aggressive blame game & you know who factor, that we avoid to mention, all we need is to keep the spirit high and try to get more voters out to vote, thats the only way to fight against you know who, a process that will help us all rectify and participate in building this nation. 

"VOTING TIPs" (pun intended)

Here we have decided to post some


As we are entering into the choas of elections, dont forget to cast your vote
according to your local time zones :) 


Vote does give you right to complain and highlighting faults of electables.


We always have this fear of Powerful people, the only solution is to make your vote more powerful,
by casting it everytime.


We all have our own version of anger towards electables, why we should stop voting,
we have to keep looking for new options and keep reminding them that you can always
vote for other options, all you need is political understanding.


You dont get something out of VOTE, but one this for sure you will keep this system rolling
that will fetch fruits for better future of Pakistan. 


One has his or her own decision to cast a vote.